[EN]EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rika Muranaka (« The Best Is Yet To Come ») wants to cure brain stokes with her new VR game

Note: French version of this interview is available here.
Rika Muranaka, composer of the song The Best Is Yet To Come from Metal Gear Solid comes back with an unexpected project!
Hi Rika! I’m very pleased and honored you accepted this interview! So… a little bird told me you were working on a VR game? That’s quite unexpected! Could you tell me more about this game?

I’m developing  a VR drift racing game with one and only DK himself! Drift King! Keiichi Tsuchiya. He invented how to drift while he was racing in F1 Race!

How are you involved in the development?

I raised money first..lol..
I was following all the racing drivers for past 2 to 3 years and I have been shooting a drift racing game in Japan. So, I became friends with a lot of drivers and one of the guy introduced me to DK!
so, I asked him about VR and if I can get his advice on how to drift and if I can have him as a featuring…over seeing the project and he said yes!
My idea.. concept and I find the best people in the industry. Find engineers…designer..artists…and composing music..putting a few events together from making a booth…to ordering merchandises …etc..finding a cute girls for the event..lol..doing the PR…call ..emailing to press. So, they can come and interview me! yeah.I’m pretty much hands on and do it all!
This is independent and start up! So, I have to do everything!
For which support is it developed? Is it only for Occulus Rift? Or will it work with any VR device? How about PSVR?
Right now, We develop just for an event in Occulus Rift. Because of the space. But, We started with Vive and Samsung Gear VR.
We are planning to develop first in Vive, Occulus and Samsung Gear VR and at last, PSVR!
I want to support indies ! So, Steam Community first!

What are the specificities? Can we expect a career mode? Or is it a « high score » game for short sessions?

This is about DRIFTING! A real drift racing game.
We are trying to even develop a hardwear…like vest..that you can feel the hit…and smell of burning tires…and the chair to move with the car movement.

This is about a real simulation drifting VR game! Yeah..that you can feel the G force!

How do you handle motion sickness?

This is the hard part..We actually didn’t get people sick at Tokyo comicon. I believe We have the best team who can figure things out!! lol..
While we’re talking about health issues, I think I understood the game will not be only gamer-oriented, but has a more important goal. Am I right?
I start doing a research about the brain and how VR can help to repair the brain circuit and repair brain circuit

This fascinated me so much and now, I’m working with UCLA for therapy with VR game to heal Brain Stroke patients!

Who are you working with?

For medical side..UCLA and a scientist from Mexico and at University professor.

Will people need more devices for the health oriented aims?

Brain Stroke, PTSD, Depressions CTE , 3rd degree burn patients. etc…However, sports injury and also concentration , focus for athletes and others

Will people be able to use it at home? How much will the complete system cost?


I don’t know how much it will cost yet..but, I’m trying to make it for affordable for people who are in needs of this kind of treatment.

When will it be available?

As soon as I can get funding and develop it..I will say it..about in 2 years?

Do you have specific needs (ie more funds, help from people, etc) to make your project reality?

Yes…I’m raising fund right now!! Help! lol…

And how about music? Do you have projects? Are you still composing for other games?

Right now, I’m doing indies film for my friend..and I will be composing for my game..Fearless D with all the top artists in the country!
Where can we follow you and your project?
Every where lol.. Twitter, Facebook and www.vr-Innovator.com


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